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He is Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful and humorous
He likes taking holidays, bright colors, fun with friends.
He is a natural born leaders and is creative, self-confident and extremely difficult to resist, able to achieve anything he wants to in any area of life he is commit to.

And his status is "king of the jungle". He has many friends and he is generous and loyal and attractive, he is capable of uniting different groups of people and leading them as one towards a shared cause, and his healthy sense of humor makes collaboration with other people even easier.
His element is Fire, and so he is warmhearted, in love with life, trying to laugh and have a good time. He usees his mind to solve even the most difficult problems, he will easily take initiative in resolving various complicated situations.

He is sincere and shows his love with ease and clarity. When in love,he is fun, loyal, respectful and very generous towards his loved one he showers his girl with lots of love and makes her feel like a princess.
He is extremely affectionate and caring towards his family and make his family proud of him.

His girl will be the luckiest women in the world.
He is classy and has killer looks and nalis every look he is an extremely good looking guy.
by Xxyz5956 February 21, 2018
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