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Male name of Persian origin (Farsi)

Pronounced as: Son-jar

Very unique name that the rulers of Middle Eastern regions (around 2nd Century AD) were given as they acquired the status of a king/sultan/regent.

As birth name, Sanjar used to be given to the new born son of a royal family by the king himself i.e. his father, or (if the king is deceased) by the wife of the king, i.e. the mother of Sanjar.

Nowadays Sanjar is a common name for men of Uzbekistani descent. In countries of Central Asia the name is considered one of the most sonorous and mysterious male names.

Not to be confused with Hindu name Sanjay which has a completely different meaning and different history.

Sanjar has 3 translations that have close meanings:

1. Prince

2. King (the oldest son of the King that inherited the throne)

3. Emperor (the oldest son of the Emperor that is now in power)

(General knowledge)
Examples and Facts:

1. Ahmad Sanjar (Mu'iz ud-Dīn Ahmad-e Sanjar; (Persian: احمد سنجر; Turkish: Sultan Sancar ; 1085 – May 8, 1157) was the sultan of the Great Seljuq Empire from 1118 to 1153. He was initially the sultan of Khorasan until he gained the rest of the territory upon the death of Muhammad I. (From Wikipedia)

2. Sanjar is the new name for November in Turkmenistan since 2002, when the government renamed days of the week and months of the calendar in honor of historically outstanding people of the area. (Wikipedia)

3. Name Sanjar tends to become "extinct", despite its rich history and culture. Every new generation of Persian history scholars knows less about names like Sanjar than the previous generation. The history of the name is getting scattered throughout the time, and today nations of Middle East and Central Asia know less about Sanjar than their ancestors. (From a documentary)
by IbnShahriyar November 18, 2011
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