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The act of unintentionally dipping ones sleeve in a condament/ beverage/ meal.
Steve reached across for a cracker and ended up with a Sandy Cohen.

Upon checking his rockin outfit in the mirror Steve notices a stain on his sleeve in the mirror. "Oh no not another Sandy Cohen..."

"Steve why do you always have to Sandy Cohen your nice shirts" yelled his mum from the laundry.
by AFannyWinkler September 01, 2016
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A character off the teen hit tv show 'the oc'. He plays a dad and adopts a juvinile delinquent from chino to his mansion in Newport, Orange County. On the show, he is married to Kirsten Cohen and they share a son together named Seth Cohen. His real name is Peter Gallagher.
Sandy Cohen is a public defender to Ryan Atwood, a juvie kid who gets adopted by him.

Sandy: Smart kid like you. You gotta have a plan, some kind of dream.
Ryan: Yeah, right. Let me tell you something, okay. Where I come from, having a dream doesn't make you smart. Knowing it won't come true ... that does.
by shanti96 December 10, 2005
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