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A fucked up town built for the rich but infested with poor druggies. Sandwich is located on cape cod between Bourne and Barnstable. The poliece force is a joke and gets paid to not solve any cases. There is always various types of crime going on but there is nothing the SPD can do because they lack the skills needed to do something about it. The local high school SHS is filled with drugs, pussies, and busted bitches. The only entertainment available in this town is a skate park located behind stop n' shop that is overrun wannabe bikers. Every sports team except hockey is a waste of time because they are horrible.

basically this town is just gayer than AIDS.
guy 1: "Hey have you ever heard of a town called Sandwich, Mass?"
guy 2: "No why?"
guy 1: "I just saw on the news it was nuked off the face of planet earth"
by BIG BLACK101 February 05, 2009
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