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To brush someone's sandwhich; to like them or love them, or think they're sexy. It also has several dodgy meanings that can be left to the imagination... you decide what they could be! *sleasy smile*

This started when we were brushing a sandwhich with a hair brush don't ask why in our M block, and a random lady walked past. she's obseesed with the cleanness of the M block floor

Random crum lady: Is that going to make crums?
Me: Uh... it's got gladwrap on it...
Random crum lady: Yes, but is it going to make crums AFTER you take it off?
Connie: Would you date that guy?
Candice: ooooh.... I'd brush his sandwhich.


Me: Can I brush your sandwhich?
Candice: Yes. Let's do it. In tha garage. With the fan.

Sandwhich brushing is much fun.
by HagridGirl :-) October 20, 2008
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