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Sandemoneum: A drinking game played on a beach (or on a sand volleyball court if available).
This game is similar to Beer Pong, but it is easier for new people to play.

Required equipment:
2 Tennis Balls
Many Alcoholic Drinks

Set Up:
Dig 10 holes in the shape of a pyramid like Beer Pong (first row has one, second has two, third has three, and fourth has four)
Also, Dig one more hole off the back right side about 3-4 feet right and 2-3 feet back, Then stick a stick into the sand behind this hole as an indicator.
These holes must be big enough for tennis balls to fit in.
Sometimes it is nessacary to flatten sand to make it easy to role tennis balls.
After one side is done, duplicate this design about 10-15 yards away so that the 1st holes are lined up facing each other. (The single holes should be on opposite sides)

How To Play:
The object of this game is to reach the score of 21.
Once the holes are dug each team inspects the other side to check the holes to see if hole size and depth is up to standard.
Each team is on the same side as their partner.
Each team mate throws/roles one tennis ball each and tries to get the ball in a hole. If both balls are made, then the other team must return to the team that threw.

Point System:
If you role a tennis ball into a:
1st Row Hole: It is worth 1 point and the opposing team must drink 1 Gulp of Drink
2nd Row Hole: 2 Points and 2 Gulps for opposition
3rd Row Hole: 3 Points and 3 Gulps for opposition
4th Row Hole: 4 points and 4 Gulps for opposition
Offset Hole: 5 Points and the opposition must Chug the entire drink.

( The amount of consumption for each row is set to change if the dire to drink more is called for)
We headed down to Grand Isle Beach with a tube of tennis balls so we can play dat sandemoneum all day and get all messed up for tonight.
by Pedro0805 March 31, 2008
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