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Sandahl is a last name that originated from Norwegian or viking places. It translates to sand valley/valley of sand. A Sandahl is a happy, lucky, handsome, gamer boy with a unique personality with a day of something from the past. He will always make you laugh and Kelly you're heart. Sandahls are a bit of a free spirit but if you can tame him he's a forever keeper! He's sexy, intelligent, giving, super thoughtful and the all around best man you'll ever meet.
"what do you want to do tonight baby?" -you
"I thought we could cuddles and snuggles and stuffs."-Sandahl #Cuteasfuck
"I'll bring popacorns!" -Sandahl
"And your love, don't forget your love!”
"Why are you so adorable!?"- you
"SANDAHL." Boom!
by Giraffe unicorn May 30, 2018
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