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(n) the painfully sexual act performed on a male by a completely sadistic or manly lover most likely a softball player, resulting in emotional scarring, severe burns and skin loss.
That dirty trailer skunk that I picked up at the bowling ally gave me such a sand paper hand job that I bled through my jeans.
by Dr. Thunder Dix December 26, 2010
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when you partner takes a fine grit piece of sandpaper and wraps it around your dong before jerking you off. Usually done to one who is passed out as an act of revenge. Sometimes the assailant will pour 151 alcohol on it so the burn will really intensify.
Dustyn woke up this morning to a bloody crotch. He then remembered passing out drunk after sharing a bottle of 151 with his ex boyfriend Rich. As an act of sabotage Rich waited until Dustyn fell asleep and gave him a sand paper handjob topping it off with a little 151 to boot.
by dusty zub's August 14, 2011
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