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The San Diego Sunrise is a sexual act involving a male and a female. The male (naked) stands proud atop an elevated piece of land, hand at his hip his long erect shaft sways elegantly in the wind. Hair blowing, the male reaches down and places (with authority), his penis into the mouth of the female (see knob-schlob). Being the man he is, the male lights a joint, inhaling the smoke and blowing it frequently onto the female. As the sun begins to rise casting a silhouette of the two, the male takes one final hit. After he has finished, the male exhales an extremely large cloud of smoke which surrounds both himself and the female. The female coughs than hears a few faint words muttered in her ear: "When there's magic in the air, someone always has to disappear". When the smoke finally clears the male is gone, leaving nothing but the remains of a charred filter left glowing in the sunlight.
Dave gave Claire the San Diego Sunrise and she hasn't been the same since.

Guy A: Man, you know that Amanda chick with the massive fuckin' tits?
Guy B: Oh yeah man, that shit is tasty.
Guy A: I gave her a San Diego Sunrise yesterday.
Guy B: Man no way, she must've been pissed.
Guy A: Yeah the look on her face was fuckin' priceless when she realized I had her clothes and car.
Guy B: You're too cool for school Guy A!
by ruKus0100 July 25, 2007
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