Worst team in the NL West (Yes, even worse than the Rockies). This "team" is usually defined as a classless, hopeless, farm league team w/no history and no respect for themselves (can't even keep it real, they had to get a new stadium and new colors because they're weak!).
Diegan fans typically think that the Almighty Dogders are their arch rivals but can't even get that strait ... It's all good because we all know that The Dodgers have 6 world series titles.
Today the San Diego Padres got rocked by, any team in the mlb. (that's a shocker)
by Neburnectar December 5, 2006
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Possibly the worst team in NL West (tied for worst team with Rockies). Padres fans usually hate the Dodgers because the Dodgers are way better than the Padres. Padres are also terrible because they have never won a world series. I really dont need to go on.
San Diego Padres-lmao padres have ligma
by datboiaqua October 24, 2018
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The San Diego Padres are one of the only Major League Baseball teams to have never won a World Series. In the early days of the franchise, the team dressed in shit-brown uniforms and consistently came in last place. Then they changed their uniforms and still came in last. Their fans are a bunch of whiny bandwagoners who cannot even dress themselves let alone speak proper English. Everyone agrees that the team should throw in the towel and stop wasting everyone's time with their minor league highjinks. The fans worship Tony Gwynn, a singles hitter with the waistline of a small ocean liner. The team is the epitomy of the term 'loser'.
Guy 1: I just saw the San Diego Padres in their new stadium!

Guy 2: Do you think they'll come in last again this year?
by grovemeister July 11, 2008
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