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Founded in San Diego in the early 90's, this truly is the 'Good Morning Vietnam!' of wanks. When one seeks to relieve one's self by striping bollock naked at a full length hotel window and masturbating aggressively, allowing the whole world to see your unrelenting cum face. The individual must place their right hand flat against the window, with back arched in the most perverse way without comprising the ability to apply sufficient vinegar strokes. On ejaculation, the participant must uncontrollably spray their manhood all over the transparent pane for the welcoming world to see.
Fuck me Eric, I just walked in on Hugh Jackman throwing out a San Diego Wank! You should av seen the look in his eyes - he looked like he wanted to Wolverine someone!

No pussy tonight lads - I'm gonna fire back to my room, bang the lights on, and have myself a killer San Diego Wank for old times sake. Snort some Richard, and then wank some more.
by Truckie Leighton July 05, 2010
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