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two erect penises are placed on top of the ears, against a woman's head, and skeet cum globs at a penis facing the womans face.

the penis in facing the woman attempts to drown the nasal bridge


the "cannons" attempt to cover the lone penis in ball sauce.

the goal of the game is simple:

should the lone cannon succeed, the other males must lick the cum off the woman's nose simultaneously as well as any cum on the lone penis.

and should the cannons succeed,
the lone penised male must place the cum
in his asshole and suck it out with a crazy straw.

typically the woman is beheaded afterward, but murdering a virgin may replace this act.
Samoan Battle Cannons

similar to Seven Round Stink Blasting


Lunchbag Drenching
by Captain Frosty March 04, 2009
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