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A Samichezz is a person who can make the absolute worst day in the world seem like the best day ever.
A Samichezz has a mystical power to just by the way it looks at you to make you feel sexually "activated"
Samichezz is a french word- meaning- "OMG did you see the HOT SAMICHEZZ?!?!" Note - This could also mean a steaming hot and sexy ham and swiss sandwhich.
ASamichezz is the most kinkiest kisser you'll ever encounter.
So please beware if you come across a Samichezz.. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT!
If you do, you will not help but to fall in love instantly.
My GF's name is Samichezz, how'd she do it?
by Zephyr12 February 23, 2009
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