This is the most awesome person in the whole entire world. She is smart, sweet, nice, funny, beautiful, and a great person to be around. If you know her, you betta be thankful! Samahria is such an amazing person, so you should give her 10 dollars when you see her tomorrow-trust me-she deserves it!
Samahria LOVES all her BFFs because they are the nicest people ever!!!! They are all awesome, too, and they are so funny! BFFL!!!!!<3 :D

She is very artistic and musical. AND a vegetarian because she loves animals and does not want to KILL them! Anyways...Samahria also loves cross-country because it's REALLY FUN TO RUN IN THE WOODS! Hehe...but really, it is! You should try it! And distance running makes you fast-true story-it cut 2 whole minutes off of Samahria's mile time in one season! Ok? 8 min 30 to 6 min 30! SO DO IT! ITS FUN. AND REWARDING. So try cross-country! Samahria wants you to. OK?!?!?!??! Sorry, that was a little off topic, but Samahria wants you to be happy!

Remember-be thankful for the Samahria in your life!!! <3 BECAUSE SHE LOVES YOU TOO!!!
OMG I loveeeeee Samahria! She is so nice!
Samahria wants me to give her all my money...I think I will....
Samahria loves her buddies!!!!!
by Taound November 22, 2011
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