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A salty turd storm is when you take bath salts, air dusters, and jenkem and do them all at once for a one of a kind high. There have been reports that if you take enough of it, you will a high that lasts an entire year! Salty turd storms are reserved only for the coolest people on the planet such as Daniel Tosh.
Deven: Hey dude, what did you do last weekend?

Corbin: I was caught in a salty turd storm and got FUCKED UP! I woke up choking on a baloon with jenkem juice all over my face and in my clothes and all in my hair though...

Deven: Dang sounds like you had a pretty shitty weekend.

Corbin: No man its awesome, wanna get in a salty turd storm tonight?

Deven: Fuck Yeah!!!
by B-Town's Pimp Ass Motherfucker October 25, 2011
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