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The Salty Geyser is an elite sexual teqnique that is considered one of the 7 wonders of the sexual world, Cultivated by Nic E, 9/27/10

It is executed like this.

At the very end of a long session of sexual intercourse, the man ejaculates onto their partners anus, this portion has to be done very calmly and steadily to ensure that most of the semen lands in and around the anus. Shortly after the semen settles on the anus, is when the magic truly occurs. Now that the semen has settled on the partners anus, he or she creates an explosive fart launching the semen high into the air. The sight of the eruption is said to be absolutely overwhelming to view* and has also been described as simply, the indescribable. It is also noted that viewing of the maneuver has caused feelings of euphoria, ecstasy and just pure awesomeness.

*It is recorded that the Salty Geyser has, on the occasion has caused blindness because of its pure extravagancy and divinity. there have been a total of 7 deaths caused by the Salty Geyser varying from, heart attacks, suicide, liquefaction of the brain and just desinigration of the body and. rape.
Phone Convo-

Guy 1- yooooo dudeeee guess what!

Guy 2- what?!

Guy1- Last night i did it....I performed a near perfect SALTY GEYSER!!!!!

Guy 2- OMG YOU ARE A CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!
by Nic E September 28, 2010
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