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A person who is classed as obese and yet continues to eat unhealthily. This might mean that they opt for a Maccie D's or a burger rather than a skimming salad.

NB: I think it is classed a disrespectful, so it's best not to shout it at the people in MacDonalds, even if their Salads are really greasy.
Victoria: "Just a chicken tikka please with soy sauce."
Penelope: "Oooh, Victoria - you don't want to be a salad skipper, do you...?"
Victoria: "A what?" "Um, no I'll have a sider of salad too please."

Justin: "Look at dem fat bitches down dose 'alls."
Jason: "You mean dem Salerd Skippaz at one o'clock?"
Justin: "Yeahhh, Wat munterz."

Mark: "Oh look, here comes another salad skipper."
Peter: "You better cover that juicy burger with a shield of caesar."
by SophieBee May 01, 2012
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