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Salad Bar Hacking is the practice of attempting to get round 'one bowl, one visit' rules at salad bars by building huge towers of food, etc. Usually attempted by broke university students trying to 'get their money's worth' or general people whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

A Chinese engineer named Shen Hongrui has written a ~100 page PDF on different salad bar hacking techniques to be used in Chinese Pizza Huts. Unfortunately, his method became so popular all the Pizza Huts in China scrapped their salad bars.

The method involves building a solid base in the original bowl, ideally with chickpeas and potatoes. 'The foundations are very important, so choose dry and strong material,' he says.

Next, hackers must create a layer of carrot sticks radiating from the centre to act as a scaffold or a larger 'plate'.

Then use slices of cucumber or blocks of fruit to build the tower's walls.

Finally, fill the tower with the food you are most keen on eating. All you need after that is a steady hand to carry your platter back to the table.
Alice: Hey Bob, let's go salad bar hacking!

Bob: Sorry Alice, I don't think I've quite got the guts. I'd be chucked out.
by BeholdTheCheddar August 09, 2012
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