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The Kingdom of Sal Kar is the small desert nation in the game Chrome Hounds, located in the southern region of the continent of Neroimus. The region they occupy has an abundant amount of underground resources, which has caught the eye of it's neighbors, Tarakia and Morskoj, and is why they are in the conflict which is taking place all across Neroimus. Sal Kar is backed by the Far East Union, which includes China, Japan, and South/Southeast Asia. This allows them to obtain cutting-edge military parts for HOUNDs, which are quick and light, but less durable than others. The culture is made up of mostly one race. Their people are referred to as Sal Kari. Sal Kar's history branches off from the Ottoman Empire.
Area: 20,800km
Population: 2,280,000
Capital: Qara
Gov. Type: Limited Monarchy
Head of State: National King
Religion: Sal Kari State Religion
Language: Karic
Ethnicity: People of Sal Kar
Industries: Oil, Gas
Currency: Ziyad
by Zane Fleia July 25, 2006
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