Also referred to as East Side San Jose. Sal Si Puedes is an old barrio in the East Side of San Jose. This neighborhood use to stretch from San Antonio St. to Ocala ave, and jackson ave to the 101 highway. Sal Si Puedes was a violent neighborhood that started all the way back since the 1940's during the "Pachuco Era" or until this date that is remembered. This neighbordhood was home to famous people such as "Cesar Chavez" and legendary Oldies & soul artist Clifford Coulter. Sal Si Puedes is sometimes referred to the whole East Side of San Jose, in which the East Side was only as big as the radius mentioned back before the 1960s. The name is hardly used and recognized today in which the neighborhood is more simply known as the "Story and King" radius or "El Corazon." Clifford Coulter made songs about the neighborhood such as "Sal Si puedes" "East Side San Jose" and "Alum Rock Park." Cesar Chavez started his movement in this neighborhood, and wrote a book called "Sal Si Puedes (Escape If You Can)"
Sal Si Puedes was the name of the barrio in what is now known as East Side San Jose or ESSJ

Sal Si Puedes in english is "Escape if you Can" in which East San Jose is the most active side of the city of San Jose.
by mrchicano December 20, 2009
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