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1) A fictional character created by Clamp, introduced in Tokyo Babylon and who later returned in X/1999

2) The Sakurazukamori, Japan’s number one assassin

3) A Dragon of Earth

4) The only one in the world who keeps a cherry blossom tree whose blossoms are always ripe even out of season; said cherry blossom tree also feeds on corpses

5) Engages in a love/hate relationship with Sumeragi Subaru

6) Sadistic and possibly a sociopath

7) Talks to penguins
1) "Could you please stop making illusions appear that are heralded by showers of cherry blossoms? You're starting to remind me of Sakurazuka Seishirou."

2) "Oh look, there's an ominous figure in my dreams who always appears with a cherry blossom tree behind him. Who could that be? For some reason, I keep on thinking it might be the Sakurazukamori."

by XXXHolicf4ng1rl November 10, 2007
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