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Originally thought to have begun in the Eastern Mediterranean, though many later claim its origin to have come from South America, 'Sako' talking is the act of carrying on a conversation by repeating the same idea or context only paraphrasing back the essential thought.
Example of Sako Talk

Gaylord: "I was thinking of what to give Alice."

Ben: "Alice told me she loves peach pie, so i baked her one."

Gaylord: "oh, but you know one thing she absolutely loves is; peach pie."

Ben: "that reminds me, peach pie is Alice's favorite food."

Gaylord: "on a side note, Alice's loves peach pie, you should bake her one."

Ben: "I would love to, but I'm baking her favorite food, peach pie."

Gaylord: "Interesting, but keep in mind that Alice loves peach pie."

Ben: "your right, i keep thinking Alice loves peach pie."

Gaylord: "i know its weird right? oh my god, you know what just occurred to me? i can bake peach pie for Alice since its her favorite food."

Ben: "no dude, just bake her some peach pie cause Alice loves her some peach pie."
by rafoolik January 19, 2010
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