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A Ninja Carrot is a hybrid version of a carrot, completely invisible to the naked eye when it wants to be, it is rediculously good at slaying everyone, ranging from nubs to pros, with its weapon of choice, either the Ak-47 or the Sako. Ninja Carrots are never known to die, they merely fall in battle, their nutrients leak into the soil, along with their memories, and are fully grown again in a matter of seconds. You cannot see this however, because when they come back, they are in full alert mode and turn invisible. Also, You cannot shoot down a Ninja Carrot, because they have no organs. you have to blow them up with a grenade, Which henders him from growing back, for a moment. If they are injured, they merely attach themselves to any patch of soil rich in nutrients, and re-grow parts that were injured during the fighting.
Holy Shit! That Ninja Carrot is picking us off with his eyes closed!

Ninja Carrot says, "The last thing you will see is my Muzzle flash."
by Joe Carrot August 17, 2009
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