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Saix is a character from Kingdom Hearts. He's known among a large group of fans as Saix-puppy, where he acts like a dog owned by Demyx. The exact reason for his role as a puppy is only known by the creator(s) and people who the creator(s) have told, but some possibility for this are:
1. His pointed ears
2. His seeming loyalty to Xemnas throughout the game
3.His power of the moon (lunar eclipse) (wolves howl at moon, wolves are dogs...)
He only acts like a dog when his 'master', Demyx, is around
Xigbar: S-Saix?
Xigbar: Saix?!
Demyx: SAIX-PUPPY!!!
Saix: *cute puppy noise*
Xigbar: I- I...
by Xema<3 February 19, 2012
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