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Sairet, is a beautiful girl who is Hispanic. She has big brown eye's, big lip's, and long brown hair. She has no booty or no boobies. But that doesn't matter to any guy, they just want her for her personality...sometimes even just her tongue. She is quiet and shy but once you get to open her up she can be a ball of fun. Sometimes a "Wanna be" around others but still makes the effort to be herself somewhat. She wants to be loved but can't, maybe as an adult but not now. One day she will find love and get married and have 12 kids. But as of now she is a young girl with a bright future ahead of her working at taco bell and having her GED.
Jonathan: "Damn, I wish had a sairet.."
Sam: "My girlfriend's name is sairet."
Jonathan: "Oop's! Sorry bro, how is she?"
Sam: "I don't know, ask her tongue cause that sairet is ufff'."
by Angie_Belkin November 18, 2013
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