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If you want to know where the granddaughters and grandsons of the confederate army attend college, this is the school. A school where the kids spend more time smoking green than being green. The schools acceptance committee is know to harass incoming minnority students by giving them lots of money to make up for their 98% white ignorant body of students. The white girls here spend more time putting on make-up, puking, and sleeping with the schools all black basketball team rather than studying. Joyce Hall consit of all jocks while Lyons is made of all the preppy kids who can afford to party and do as they please and last Ryan hall the one in worst condition of all of them is made of all the minority student, white trash, and all of the schools sexual harrashers. The social ladder of the school is as followed: White preppy girls, Jocks, miniorty guys, white trash, asians, nerds, and lastly minority girls.
Junior Guy: Hey you want to party Saint Michael's College Vermont style?
New minority freshmen: Sure I guess. How do you guys party?
Junior Guy: We just smoke weed, drink, and prey on drunk freshmen girls.
New minority freshmen: So do you guys atleast dance?
Junior Guy: Does dry humping count?
by TheUnknowSMC February 05, 2011
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