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A word that is commonly (or should be) used by Navy personnel and former Navy personnel when sarcasm is needed to describe something.

To denote that the present situation is reminiscent of government work.

To describe a man as being beyond flaming gay.

To describe the sludge some people serve as coffee that's so strong it'll wake the dead!
Conversation as seen on Facebook (names have been changed to protect the not so innocent)

Former Navy Wife: Hey __"Guy in the Navy"__! Shouldn't you be off getting a tattoo right bout now? HAHAHAHA

Guy in the Navy: lol i wanna just can't afford a new one yet. Maybe next week :P lol

Former Navy Wife: you should get an anchor with a pair of lips on your bum so you can tell the Navy to kiss your @$$

Former Sailor: ‎*sniff* ya'll makin' me feel like I am still a sailor out to sea.

Guy in the Navy: isn't it great __"Former Sailor"__ lol

Former Sailor: It's fucken sailorific

(silence for about a minute)

Former Sailor: I can't believe I said that word
by FormerNavyWife March 14, 2011
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