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A brilliant parody of the 90’s anime Sailor Moon, in which the SMA crew (megami33, krisrix, roll002, maxskate2001, whipofalchemy, and judgement915) uses their own brand of humor to tell the story of Sailor Moon with only minor changes to the storyline. Some fan favorites include: bulimic Serena/Sailor Moon, EMO Raye/Sailor Mars, incoherent Amy/Sailor Mercury, transsexual Lita/Sailor Jupiter, and Zoycite… the gender-confused alien.

The SMA crew has gained in popularity as they continue to put out more episodes, and they have even begun releasing merchandise for rabid fans. From bored college students to amazingly hilarious voice actors, the SMA crew has earned their place in YouTube history.
Bored college student 1: "I'm gonna watch Sailor Moon!"
Bored college student 2: "Fuck that, I'm gonna watch Sailor Moon Abridged!"
Bored college student 1: "What's that?"
Bored college student 2: "That same thing you're watching... only better!"
by taekwondoangel1 August 05, 2009
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A parody of the popular "Sailor Moon" anime. It is often shortened to simply "SMA". The appropriate age depends on how strict the viewer's parents are (if 18 and under), but I think it is for kids ages 15 and up. It includes the bulimic Sailor Moon, emo Sailor Mars, homosexual Sailor Jupiter, "Meg-like" Sailor Mercury, and idiotic Sailor Venus.
Sailor Moon Abridged: Episode 9
Sailor Moon: Don't come crying to me when the boat hits an iceberg!

Sailor Mars: I hope we do! The icy water of death will be my sancuary!
by CutieXOX June 12, 2012
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