Another Sailor Solider in the Japanese Anime Sailor Moon.

Ami Mizuno (or Amy in the English version) was the first Sailor Scout found and “reawakened”. She represents the element water and her uniform is the color blue. In the beginning of the Series she did not have any “offensive” powers, but only had a “defensive” power (shabon spray / mercury bubbles). Later on as the series progressed she gained a few new powers all on the “offensive” (i.e. Shine Aqua Illusion, Aqua Rhapsody, Mercury Aqua Mirage *strongest but only seen in one episode, Ami’s First Love*) She is known as the brains of the group, and is highly intellectual. In the manga story arc her IQ was 300.

In the Live Action show she also became known as Dark Mercury for a short period of time.
The future is something you build by yourself
-Sailor Mercury
by Carol Marie June 8, 2007