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Tuxedo Mask (or whatever you call him) sits in his room, masturbating to his never-ending supply of surveillance screens featuring SOMEONE either naked or doing the nasty. His expression is PRICELESS, as is his... er, ejaculation. (Let's just say he probably spends as much time wiping off his entire wall's worth of monitor screens as masturbating to them.)

Another amusing scene would be where our DBZ heroes make their way to the party orgy. Seeing Vegeta in nothing but black pants and a bowtie is freaky enough, but seeing Goku and Piccolo walking slightly behind, stifling giggles while reassuring Vegeta that he looks quite good, is just great.

Sadly, that's all the amusement this title has to offer. The rest simply degenerates into a huge mess of an orgy, featuring well known or lesser known characters humping it up left and right. And no one is safe. If I remember correctly, I think I saw Belldandy being thoroughly violated by Terry Bogard. And that's certainly not the end of it.

It IS the end of the review, though. I seem to remember something vague about the Dragon Ball (the actual BALL, that is) bouncing around and turning some of the Sailor girls into she-males, but I'd rather not reminisce or elaborate any more on that. It IS worth watching at least once for its sheer ridicul-o-power, but only if you can find it rather easily. It's not worth getting particularly worked up over, that's for sure.
When i saw Sailor & The 7 Ballz i thought that it was the weirdest porn/comedy i have ever seen.
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