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One who participates in the school of thought known as Saganism.

One who maintains an awestruck perspective of the vast cosmos we inhabit so minutely and the wonder of billions of years of evolution that brought us to this moment.
One who finds a source of complete spiritual satisfaction in the natural laws of the universe and the achievements of mankind's scientific practice thus far.

Emphasis is placed upon the duty of care for our planet, the need for ambitious space exploration programs, the folly of religion, nationalism and war, but also the need for compassion in the face of small-mindedness and zealotry.
The world would be an incredible place if all human beings were Saganists.
by Flossy2 July 14, 2015
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Someone inclined scientifically, a science extraordinaire, someone so damn sciency that he might as well accept Carl Sagan as their personal lord and savior.
Get a load of that Saganist over there, I heard he read "A Brief History of Time" 10 times consecutively in a cave in Laos.
by BSGIII April 10, 2014
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One who believes in science almost religiously. Carl Sagan being one of the most prophetic scientists of the 20th century, he is decided to be the root of the word. Although he is not literally a prophet in this "theology", as science does not have prophets in the common meaning, he is indeed regarded as prophetic enough.
"Are you a Christian?"
"Nah, I'm a Saganist."
"So you don't believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior?"
"Fuck that fiction, science FTW!"
by bluehomejoker December 26, 2014
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