Sagal is a breathtaking female. They tend to be magically beautiful that it feels unreal. Sagal has the most beautiful eyes you could ever look into. However, her inside beauty is as breathtaking as the outside one. Her dignity,pride and sense of responsibility will make people fall for her. When a Sagal walks in, you can feel her charismatic personality. She is truly charming. Occasionally they might come off as perfectionist. Sagal is a truly captivating woman. They tend to attract highly respected people because she is a woman of her word. She is very athletic too. Most men fall for her because of her looks but Sagal never falls for them. Sagal might arouse men when she acts rude. The men find it hot. She can always see through lies. Sagal will have a partner everyone wishes they had one day. Sagal is literally the woman guys wished they had but there will be only one lucky guy. Her sense of humor is worth to die for but only those who make an effort to get close to her will see her beautiful smile and it is indeed rare. She has a thing for unusual relationships. She secretly daydreams and in the end she makes it happen in real life. She will end up with a man as expensive as her, who adores her and is rich. But Sagal will not change for anyone and that is why he will treasure her for lifetime. If you meet a Sagal you are truly blessed.
I respect her, because she is a Sagal.
by Genuineboy December 15, 2017
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A very beautiful girl. Sexy. Amazing. Breathtaking. Hot. The most beautiful girl on this earth. Un comparable. She is a true Beauty. Sagal is Beautiful.
Wow She is a Sagal
by bluberry bl December 14, 2008
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A loyal girl with a soft-heart
That girl is too sagal!
by Amaal June 18, 2018
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A wannabe motherfuckin faggot, who can't stand up for himself, and thinks he has friends when everyone despises him. He listens to hXc metalcore and thinks he's a badass.
Steven Sagal is a faggot.
by j_carmichael January 15, 2009
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