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A tab that can be safely retreated to upon threat of interruption by friends/family while viewing pornography. Could take the form of a Facebook page, youtube video or other sites of unsuspicious origin or motive for viewing.
You: Dude, I was getting busy on my computer, when I heard my roommate about to walk in.
Friend: What happened?
You: Well luckily I had my safe tab up, so it was a quick mouse click and I was in the clear!
by mrvlnetwork November 01, 2010
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A tab you keep open in your internet browser to quickly switch to so those around you don't know what you're really doing. Most used when looking up porn while family members are home, or for when you're goofing off at work.
I didn't want my mom to walk in and see me looking up porn, so I kept a safe tab open just in case.
by Jagans April 10, 2011
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