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One of the best songs ever written, taken off the Wintersun album, self-titled Wintersun. It contains a combination of progressive, melodic death, and even folk metal. The best (and most melodic) passage of the song is from 4:57-6:45, the lyrics being:

"Have we arrived from our journey
I must ask you now
At last I can cry,
For these sad words are calling me tonight"
My eyes bleed for you, my star,
My pride and the love of my heart
But why did you have to fly so far
I raged and it tore me apart
I promise to you, with sadness and hate
Wherever I might go
You will know
You will know...


Not bad considering English isn't Jari's first language.

In addition, the music in this previous passage reflects the theme beautifully; it seems as though you are really going through an epic journey comprising of feelings: the feelings of sadness and hate. If you can get past the growling vocals on the rest of the song, do yourself a huge favor and purchase this song immediately, it is one of the best songs ever made (if you really can't stand the growling, download Death and the Healing by Wintersun instead).
Person 1: Did you hear that one Wintersun album?

Person 2: You mean the one with Sadness and Hate, that 10 minute masterpiece?

Person 1: Yeah, that one.

Person 2: Of course I've heard of it, its the best debut album by any band ever.
by Brandonius August 28, 2006
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