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An awesome female who has a great sense of humor She is funny, like Saturday Night Live funny. Wont hang around drama filled people but still has too many friends to count.They are also smart and don't take crap from anyone. A SadeLove is a girl that you can't get enough ridiculously beautiful and sexy and has a habit of being too pretty for her own good. She likes flowers and alcohol, and will probably smoke a peace pipe in later life. And she has a smart ass mouth.SadeLove is awkward but still really cute. She is cool, sweet, but doesn't want to be the center of attention. SadeLove tends to fall in love with people she thinks are too good for here and is terrible at sharing her true feelings, but once you get to know her, you'll instantly enjoy her company.Whenever you see her you can't help but smile and watch as she smiles back. Her smile is also great. They are real smooth with there words but at the same time have feelings. There known to care about all lot of people, but when hurt your officially cut off hold grudges, but eventually let things go. SadeLove's are also lovers and they hate to have there heart broken,so tends to Run free. Like they have to go threw like a whole system of getting there self together. Sade's are sweet sensitive people, that are kind of seasoned and have and young sprit, but still remain mature and wise at the same time. Also there great listeners, and care about people problems.
Boy 1"Sade is so weird, but i like her."

Boy 2: Duh, her name is Sadie.

Boy 1: Did you hear the Beatles have a song called "Sexy Sadie"?

Boy 2: Duh, all Sadie's are sexy

Man 1"Did you see SadeLove ooft, I so would"

Man 2:"Yeah, but she was a cheeky bugger, but yeah, she was fineeee as usual"
by semanomano10 April 18, 2012
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