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(1) An equestrian and cycling expression referring to a skin ailment on the buttocks due to, or exacerbated by, horse riding or cycling on a bicycle saddle.
(2) An expression referring to the discomfort experienced by a woman after a prolonged or lengthy session of sexual intercourse in a female dominant or 'cowgirl' position.
"Hi Nicola, would you like to join us? We can pull up another chair for you?"

"I'll stay for a chat with the best Grove City College Girls, but I won't sit down - I'm, you could say, saddle sore, after last night's date with Billy!"

"Nicola, that's enough - please don't tell us any more. He's my cousin and I really don't want to know."
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by Katie4eyes March 14, 2018
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1. A minor sore achieved after riding a horse for a long period of time.

2. A person who pretends to not be the person you're calling on the telephone, when it is in fact the person you were trying to call. (Does not apply to people who attempt dodging telemarketers/bill collectors.)
Jim Bob: Is this Scooter's roofin'? You were supposed to fix my roof ya...ya s-shitheads!
???: Who do you think you're talking to, fuckface? This is ***City breaks!
Jim Bob: S-s-saddle...sore.
by Kiko April 25, 2004
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