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A public middle school with only two grade levels, wears uniforms and hates half the teachers. Most of the 7th graders think they're the shit and the 8th grade boys are retarded. Most drama is with kids from other towns. The VP is shit and everyone hates the VP. 8th grade girls get with high school guys and than get stoned. Can't go a week without fucking something up. Announcements about "phones away" comes on every 2 fucking seconds. The 8th graders complain about the 7th graders even tho they was them last year and act like they did some Houdini shit and skipped a year. Basically, sbms is filled with kids who don't give 2 shits if they pass or not.
Person One- "Yo, you go to Saddle Brook Middle School?"

Person Two- "Yeah dude, all we do is fuck around

Person One- "Damn good think I don't go to sbms."
by anonn201 April 20, 2016
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