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Sadboi Hours is a time where Sadbois are emotional and can express their feelings with other present Sadbois. While the official time for Sadboi Hours is 1 AM to 4:59 AM, anytime can be Sadboi Hours if you try hard enough.
Jack: Jared, it's Sadboi Hours.....
Jared: Lay it on me.
by What's Good My Guys March 23, 2018
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Sad boi hours are when your especially sad for no particular reason other than life.
Random person: hey what’s up
Sadboi: nothin just sad boi hours
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by Zoeboi13 February 13, 2019
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Hours between 1 AM to 5 AM in which a "Sad Boi" partakes in actions such as crying, and being emotional.
"It's almost 1 am, can't wait for sad boi hours."
by Ugandan Fedora August 02, 2017
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A "time" or phrase that represents a disappointing, depressing, or sad event. This time is when a person, coined "sad boi" is considered upset or in their feelings. This can include reactions of distress such as crying. Likely times for Sad Boi Hours are early morning/late at night when someone is likely the most pensive, though is not exclsively used to represent that time frame.
Jay: Last night I was thinking about how painful that experience was with my ex.
Rich: Aw dude, I'm sorry.

Jay: Yeah, but you know I end up over thinking at night...the typical Sad Boi hours.

Jessie: I ruined that save file, my entire masterpiece is ruined!!
Leila: Oof, time for the Sad Boi Hours.
by Laurello July 23, 2018
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Sad Boi Hours referres to a time period (usually) late in the night. A time when any person can be sad, weepy, depressed, or sobbing. Everyone has sad boi hours and nobody is immune to it.
Me, in a group chat at 2 A.M. : Its that time of day again...
Everyone else: "Sad Boi Hours...."
by Bunii_ May 25, 2019
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when u be sad so you listen to sad music for a few hours at like midnight because your lowkey broken but thats besides the point, sis.
britney: sad boi hours are near, skinny sister..

Tori: frick...

britney: ye...

tori: shoot...

britney: that sucks....

tori: ye
by _i_found_it_mom_ July 29, 2019
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When you wanna cuddle someone but they ain’t here
Sad boi hours time boyos
by sarahpacito December 10, 2019
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