A person with a strong personality, that doesn't take shit from no one. She is a determined person who never fails at what she does. She loves people with great energy and if you don't have one then just go home and sleep. And one thing for sure she is unforgettable and will fuck you up if you mess with her.
Sadé- you need to get yourself a Sadé
by Wam Wam October 26, 2019
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A goofy person who keeps doing stupid or unnecessary things causing himself and his friends a lot of trouble.
Ey bro, stop behaving like a sadé! you're an embarrassment.
by quickestbrownfox April 16, 2022
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Is very idiotique, also he thinks hes funny but actually is very dumb. He is also thinking hes the leader of the dog avatar picture and of the boys.
Daniel Fadi-Sadée is very dumb and thinks hes funny but, hes not.
by Blueyso February 8, 2020
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