A hot dog eaten with a slice of bread rather than a hot dog bun; especially pertains to the use of wheat bread
I haven't gone food shopping in a few weeks, so it looks like I'll be having a sad dog for dinner.
by Airda January 7, 2015
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(n) mr bell; someone whos eyebrows go up and in like a sad dog.
Mr Bell, as he sat squinching in the sun, looked very much the same as a sad dog.
by p.$schmitz November 14, 2003
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An ex (usually an unfaithful abusive cheating and or all out douchebag) will act pathetic sad and or suicidal to make u feel bad and to get back together
You see Mike he's using the sad puppy dog to get back with his ex what a douchebag
by McLovin6661997 August 31, 2018
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