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When you here something or see something saddening and proceed to ejaculation.
I was jacking off in the bathroom when I heard my parents say I was a disappointment, that was the worst Sad Nut of my life.
by Dukelemon August 19, 2017
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Someone who does something truly pathetic, or sad.
"I spent all weekend alphabetizing my 8-Track collection."
"You're such a sadnut."
by M.C. Brown Shoes December 11, 2004
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a sad nut is a term used for explaining whenever a person is so sad that they feel that only "busting a good one"
is going to get their mind off of the sadness that is slowly creeping into their soul

another name for this term is "depressive masturbation" but not many use it for it is way too long and also very TMI
hey man, Carly broke up with me so it looks like im busting a few sad nuts tonight lol

hey, im really sorry to hear that but also TMI dude..

hey fuck you.

fuck you.

*friendship ruined*
by uracantcantcant February 26, 2019
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