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The boogeyman of Northern California, this character has taken the form of various characterso ver time, including a demon, spirit, human and animal. It is said that he is virtually indestructible and roams the earth in the name of evil. There are several tales involving the Civil Servant, and they have a common theme- if a child misbehaves, then the Sacramento Civil Servant will get them and put them in his sack.

Not much is knonwn of the true origin of these stories. Some claim they were tall-tales spun by nomadic Lebanese immigrants wandering about Northern California at the turn of the 20th century. Others assert the stories are more recent, and are the work of a vindictive communist.
Borgnine, if you don't behave, the Sacramento Civil Servant will take you away!

If the Sacramento Civil Servant offers to trade you something, do not accept! His motive is pure evil!
by NVA Barry January 18, 2006
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