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1) The act of lifting one's sack over one's penis; wrapping one's balls around one's penis to form a "pig in a blanket" or a "Gonzo". 2) A tiger found in the polar waters of Antarctica which has happened because of a global catastrophe or because Bill Murray has suddenly died. 3) A global positioning system used by the likes of many high-ranking officials in the government including but not limited to: Frank O'Harris, Tom Cruise, John Starks, Craig James, Duc de Richelieu and Melissa Joan Hart.
"Dude, have you ever pulled off a sackonmyweena?"
"Yea, then my mom walked in with laundry."

"Hey, did you see that a tiger was found..."
"Yea, Bill Murray died."

"I have a GPS"
Melissa Joan Hart, "Yea, but a sackonmyweena just feels so much better."
by It smells like a tiger's vag.. January 26, 2011
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