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A sack hat is a baseball cap that has the following characteristics:

-Being old
-A hat that old people frequently wear
-Having a really old or outdated logo

-Being a blank hat of any color without anything else on it
-The front of the hat being softer than the rest of the hat
-Having mesh on the back half of the hat
-Instead of velcro or being a fitted hat, it has little buttons that you have to click in place on the back of the hat
-Having a tag that says "one size fits most"
-Jerry has a Dallas Cowboys hat from 1991. It has soft foam at the front and little buttons at the back. It was probably worn when watching Troy Aikman play in the Super Bowl. It is a sack hat.

-Darius has a St. Louis Cardinals hat with a 1920's logo on it, the back half being mesh with little buttons. It is also a sack hat.
by LaGarrius July 06, 2010
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