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She is the cutest most beautifuly georgess girl that anyone could ever meet with one of the most purest hearts. She is short (fun sized) with long dark brown hair an eyes that are at times hazal or green sometimes grey her eyes change colors which is the rarest thing anyone can ever see she is the most loving nicest trustworthy loyal incredible person in this entire world she has the aspects of an angel an she can make you feel like your in heaven she is always so charming its almost imposible to meet a girl like that now you are the one of the most blessed people in this world that you can meet her and you should never ever ever ever for as long as you live miss treat her she is very brave an strong an isnt afraid to stand up for whats right an herself everyone who has ever met her is privleged among other people who havent had the luck to she has improved everyones life tremendously by helping an caring for others she is always the most delightful, pleasing, enjoyable, entertaining person to be around whenever you can she has the most astonishing and astounding person to ever walk this earth you are truly one of the most fortunate people to live if you can ever meet a girl like sabrina but you wont because she is one of a kind and always will be.
" I love you sabrina and I always will, I love that I can trust you and your loyal and beautiful an nice and funny an just everything I can ever imagine or wish for in a girl this far in my life I would be glad to spend the rest of my life with you there is no way you could ever make me mad or depressed unless I couldnt say the wors she's mine... in my 14 years of living an looking for a girl who I can enjoy there company just by looking into her eyes I finnally found her.. its you<3 i love you Sabrina Alvarez <333333333"
by TGT+SRA=<3 October 22, 2011
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