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1. A mythical beast of lore and legend that is said to inhabit the backwood waterways of Northern Florida or Southern Georgia. Just as it sounds it is an ancient animal with long canine teeth that extend approximately 5 inches below its lower jaw line. It has the body of a donkey, but instead of hooves it has webbed feet, similar to a duck, which allow it to move quickly through the swamps and rivers it inhabits.

2. A sneaky drunk redneck that waits patiently on a branch that overhangs a river. As people carelessly paddle beneath him, he jumps from the branch and yells, "EHHH AWWW!!" as he splashes down near their canoe, doubtlessly knocking them into the water and making their children cry.
That was the sneakiest thing I've ever seen. That Sabretoothed Swamp Donkey dun jumped out that tree and flipped that fat bitch right in the water.
by Simple Soldier 81 June 19, 2009
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