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Saavcin (sav-kin) is an ancient lost name. Coming from the prefix Saav which means lady's man a Saavcin is usually a man with soft hands or a "pretty boy" but is highly intelligent and very charming. Saavcins have very high charisma and always can get on someone's good side. Saavcins are usually very relateable people and it's not hard to become and want to be friends with them or fall in love with them. Saavcins are born lovers and love women and are typically always good with women and pride themselves on being good kissers . Saavcins in a relationship are always extremely sweet,romantic and adore their woman. However Saavcins are not perfect they can easily drown themselves in toxicity. Saavcins can easily fall he's over heels for a female and ditch everyone else that cared about them because Saavcins are so easily blinded. Saavcins are prone to ghosting you for any reason at any time unless a Saavcin tells you they are not going anywhere always be prepared that one day they will be gone.
Girl 1 " idk how it happened but me and Saavcin started kissing last night and i think I honestly caught feelings"

Girl 2"I caught feelings foe him last year! careful though Saav's got hoes but if he chooses you you're set."
Girl 3 "he has really nice lips tbh"
by Saavcin September 16, 2019
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