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Famous and extremely popular Star Wars Battlefront II player. He exhibits a wide array of high quality skills which include the ability to tea bag another player from the other side of the map. He has created one of the first server side mods which added the new 'King of the Hill' mode into the game without the need for clients to download and install any file(s). Along with that he created the first "Death Match' style mode for the game. Whilst playing on his favorite server, 'SWBF2 -AUS-' he makes good use of the words 'noob' and 'Nub Cake'. This two words along are what made SW_elite what he is today. He is the proud leader of the 'EAG' clan which now supports 6 different games and has managed to congregate one of the highest quality teams in all of Australia. Was at one stage the highest ranked player according to the flawed ranking system that we call "GameTracker". These days he is rusty because he has better things to do than play a dead game.
SW_elite, star, wars, elite, Australia, EAG, Elite Aussie Gamers
by SW_elite September 13, 2011
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