A SWAT Raid is when you and everyone else in the house are awake, except for one person. You and everyone else stack up against the wall, have 2-3 others go into either the closet or some other doored-off room connected to the room where the sleeper is sleeping (for instance, a bathroom connected to the bedroom) and have them synchronize with you. Once everyone is ready, give them Nerf Guns, or, if you're sadistic, Airsoft Guns and shout "SWAT RAID, HANDS UP!" And have the SWATTERS hiding within the room pop in with the main group outside the door. Then, as you wake the sleeper, start unloading your ammo on him. A good swat raid usually ends with everyone's weapon empty, and a shitload of welts on the victim.
Steve: Why is Bob so pissy today?

Mike: OH GOD it was great, we pulled a swat raid on his lazy ass...

Steve: Now that's fucked up.
by HutchinsonUberAlles June 13, 2010
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