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STTAMF - Shit Talking Tight Arsed Mother Fucker
Shit talking: the activity of talking shit (aka bollocks); invariably the individual will recount stories of encounters with random beautiful women whilst ignoring the fact he is an ugly creepy fucktard

"yeah - I was in the corridor and this really fit bird walking the other way and I looked at her, yeah, and she ...... Smiled !!!'
Tight arsed:
Term used to describe a malingering hanging on cunt who on a social night out will not buy a round of drinks but then scams as many free drinks when other people are buying.

This person can usually be identified by I) either suddenly having to leave when it's his round; ii) waiting until you've got a drink and then saying 'yeah do you want a drink?' Iii) being a cunt
Mother fucker: see mother fucker
Person A: I was in the lift yeah in the lift!! There was this bird, really hot nice tits and everything. You know what I fucked her init.

Person B: yeah right get the beers in its your round.

Person A: (with a look of panic on their face) oh oh shit is that the time I've got to go.
Person B to person C: the STTAMF cunt said that last time it was their round.
by Motherchuckler September 24, 2014
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